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Terms and Conditions

Scope of,, and,, and cover only Oxfordshire ( specifically covering Oxford, - Banbury and - the remaining Oxfordshire towns). We therefore cannot accept link submissions from organisations outside of Oxfordshire, unless such organisations are located directly on an Oxfordshire border.

Link Acceptance
OXFinder is organised by subject into categories and sub categories. The site has evolved, and will continue to do so, to meet the needs of our users. Sites are placed into an appropriate category by our selection team who listen to and consider your suggestions. However, it is their decision as to if and where the proposed entry will be listed. We also may move a link to a different category as the site grows and more specific categories are added. Above all, we aim to try and make the directory useful to all our visitors.

Where a client is given the facilty to update specific detail about their link (Standard and Enhanced entries only) we reserve the right to suspend the link should we believe the content of the reference or the target site to cause offence, be false or untrue, or appear to break any law. In such cases no refund will be given.

Links added to OXFinder may appear associated with their 'home location' (post town) and additional locations, the latter entirely at the selection team's own descretion. Additional locations are unlimited and suggestions can be made during the submission process but no guarantee is given that these will be used. Each entry will be subject to a charge.

How to Get your link listed in three easy steps:

Step One - Check if listed.
Check to see if the site is already listed in OXFinder. You can do this by checking the appropriate categories. Or you can use the search feature. As an important note, if you find the site is listed but you want to change the title, url, and/or description, please mail with the relevant details.

Step Two - Find the appropriate category.
You will need to go to the appropriate category to select "Get listed!" (step three below); this is the key operation. This will tell us where you would like the site to be listed.

Step Three - Click "Get listed!".
After you find the most appropriate category / sub-category, select "Get listed!". Follow the instructions and choose the level of listing you require - basic, standard or enhanced. You will be asked to provide your details with information about your site's title and url. Depending on the level of entry you will also be asked for further information which will be used in the display of your link details.

Remember, it is up to the selection team to decide if, where, and how a site is ultimately listed in OXFinder. Your "Get listed!" request is only a suggestion. Your entry may be edited prior to publication.

Your Consent
By submitting your link(s) for inclusion on our sites you consent to the use of that information as set out in these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. If we change these terms and conditions we will notify you on other pages of the website, so that you may be aware of the changes. Continued use of the service will signify that you agree to any such changes.

By submitting a link for inclusion you also agree to us providing links to your site which may result in additional traffic for you.

Due to the global nature of the Internet infrastructure, the information you provide may be transferred in transit to countries outside the European Economic Area that do not have similar protections in place regarding your data and its use as set out in these terms and conditions and our privacy policy. By submitting your information you consent to these transfers.

How to contact OXLink
We welcome your views and questions about our website. If you would like to contact us with any queries or comments please use our enquiry form.


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